Avid Outline Solid Bag Stems Reviews

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Avid Outline Solid Bag Stems reviews

With the popularity of solid PVA bag fishing growing Avid have created these innovative bag stems. Lots of anglers like to tie their solid PVA bags before their session and, in the past, they’ve had to splice small leaders at home if they want to fish quick-change bags. Although the short leaders work, they often tangle together in the bucket and aren’t ideal on venues with leader bans.

Well, there’s no need to mess around splicing leaders anymore because Avid have created these unique Bag Stems. They are a plastic stem that features a strong metal wire running through the middle. At one end there’s a ring swivel and the the other there’s a small loop.

Simply thread the stem through an in-line lead of your choice, attach your rig to the ring swivel and tie your solid PVA bag. When you’re ready to cast out the bag, tie your main line to the metal loop on the Stem and it’s ready to go. It’s that simple!

The wire can be removed from the centre of the stem so you are left with one of the popular In-Line Inserts. It’s basically two products in one! The ideal PVA bag option for speed fishing.

The stems are finished in a subtle colour following the Outline scheme, so they blend in very well on all lake beds.

5 Stems supplied per pack


Avid Outline Solid Bag Stems
Avid Outline Solid Bag Stems

RRP : £3.99

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