Avid Outline QC Drop-Off Stem


Avid Outline QC Drop-Off Stem Reviews – Genuine & Non-biased Avid Outline QC Drop-Off Stem Reviews

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Avid Outline QC Drop-Off Stem reviews

A purpose made item that when used with the Avid Inline Tail Rubber produces the perfect drop-off inline setup.

Drop-Off in-line setups are a popular but technical method of attaching the lead when fishing in weedy lakes. With this set-up, simply attach your leader/main line to the big ring then insert the stem into your chosen In-line lead. Once a take occurs the stem will easily come free from the insert allowing the lead to drop away from the tail rubber ensuring you stay in contact with the fish and not risking the lead getting caught in the weed.

Features a Quick Change clip which allows you to efficiently change your rigs, especially handy if Solid PVA bag fishing. Simply cover up with an anti tangle sleeve to ensure the rig will not come free from the clip during the fight.

Supplied in packs of 5