Avid Outline Line Droppers Reviews

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Avid Outline Line Droppers Reviews – Genuine & Non-biased Avid Outline Line Droppers Reviews

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Avid Outline Line Droppers reviews

Quick Changeable Weights For Sinking Rigs, Leaders and Main Lines

These unique little weights have a multitutude of applications. Made up of two halves and joined together with a piece of elastic, the Line Droppers simply twist and lock onto line. The more you twist them, the tighter they grip your line. The unique two-part construction means that they can be added or removed from line in a matter of seconds,

The droppers are available in Standard and XL to suit angler’s requirements. Each packet contains four droppers and two spare elastics.

They are ideal for pinning down your main line, overshotting and balancing pop-ups and using as a weight when stalking fish. The applications are endless…

How to attach:

1. Ensure that the grooves on the Line Dropper are lined up.

2. Slide your chosen material into the groove.

3. Twist one half of the Line Dropper 360 degrees. The more you twist, the tighter the Dropper grips.

4. The dropper is now attached. The Line Dropper will grip braid, coated braid and monofilament.


Avid Outline Line Droppers
Avid Outline Line Droppers

RRP : £4.99

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