Avid Lok Down Bobbin Kits

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Avid Lok Down Bobbin Kits Reviews – Genuine & Non-biased Avid Lok Down Bobbin Kits Reviews

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Avid Lok Down Bobbin Kits reviews

This Bobbin Kit contains everything you need for effective bite indication, whether you are fishing in the margins or at long range. The kit contains two line clips; one is a traditional ball clip that allows movement
through the clip, while the other is a ‘Yin-Yang’ design that can either be used free running or pinched to the line for unrivalled sensitivity. There’s also a small Bobbin head which is ideal for short to medium range, as well as a larger head that’s suitable for long range fishing. Two memory-free Dacron cords are also included, as well as a 5g add on weight.

Kit contains;

1 x Small Bobbin head

1 x Large Bobbin head

1 x Traditional ball clip

1 x Yin-Yang clip

1 x 6 inch Dacron cord

1 x 9 inch Dacron cord

1 x 5g add on weight

1 x Bobbin storage box

Available in: White, Blue, Green, Purple, Orange, Red

Spare weights also available separately

Full Lok Down Range also available