Avid Carp Outline Naked Chod Beads

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Avid Carp Outline Naked Chod Beads Reviews – Genuine & Non-biased Avid Carp Outline Naked Chod Beads Reviews

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Avid Carp Outline Naked Chod Beads reviews

These Outline Chod Beads are perfect for use on naked setups when using a Chod rig or helicopter directly on your main line, or a fluorocarbon leader. Simply slide the Grip Stop onto your line using then pop the bead over the stop.

Should you crack off or get cut off, the bead will simply pop off under pressure and the fish will not be trailing the leader and line.

Supplied on wire stems to allow you to easily slide the the stop directly onto your line / leader.

8 Supplied per pack

Leadcore Chod Beads also available for when fishing with a leadcore / leadless leader

Featuring Avid’s unique Outline camouflage that blends in over any lakebed, providing a disruptive finish that’s unique to every product. Designed to blend in perfectly, using a fast-sinking material that’s truly Next Level.

Full Avid Outline Range available separately