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14 reviews for Actor Bait Boat

  1. Michael Bailey

    I wish I never purchased the Boat from Boatman UK.

    The guy who runs BoatmanUK was so hard to work with, First of all you ring the number its like no one ever picks up. purchased the Boat May 2021 its never worked right since I have had it Daz at Boatman does not want know seems like all they want is a good review.

  2. T Jay

    I bought one of the first actors that came into the country from future carping. And after a year of regular use I have a few things to report; most of the time this boat has been reliable. However, the connections have failed on the circuit board resulting in me having to do bankside repairs at 3am, twice! OK if you’re mechanically minded, but not ideal, I have now had to have these soldered properly to save it happening again. The central hopper sometimes acts like a rudder and can pull the boat off course one the hopper has been opened. The battery gauge lies and shouldn’t be trusted, although the battery life is fantastic as a whole. The customer service has been good from boatman uk apart from one issue, I was sold the boat after being told that all replacement parts would be readily available to buy for repairs/maintenance only to be told by boatman that the parts I need are not available becuase my boat is now obsolete. Not great after only 1 year. They did offer for me to send the boat back which isn’t an option for me due to fishing commitments. So would rather just buy the parts and fit them myself (kind of the whole point of a cheap bait boat) but unfortunately I couldn’t do this so I’ve had to buy from a 3rd party. Which funnily enough are a supplier from Europe that told me the parts I require are actually available boatman and are in the post as we speak. So not sure why Boatman UK told me they wernt available.

    Hopefully the mk4i version that is out now is better, but 4 versions in 12 months, tells a story I think.

    I would reccomend a boatman boat, but remember they are just low grade Chinese components, so don’t expect top quality, and don’t expect the spares easy to get hold of either!

  3. James

    Upon arrival out the box this boat looks and feels like the quality kit it is! It’s so lightweight but feels tough at the same time.
    Tested it at furnace lakes for 48hrs and and the battery indicator didn’t even budge from full after 18 journeys to deliver my rigs.
    The best thing is how quite it is (about as loud as a bee) and makes hardly any disturbances in the water! I used the middle hopper to deliver hook and some freebies and also the back hopper to deliver some other bait a few feet away which worked well. The one handed controller (which I thought I would not like) actually makes things sooooo simple and allows you to keep a finger on your open spool as it’s going out. It’s awesome and would highly recommend this boat to anyone.

  4. Paul

    Contacted Actor via Facebook and because I had a problem with there product and quite frankly thought it was rubbish they block me from all sites.
    The catch to the hatch jammed after 1st time, it’s not the best quality but what do you expect for £200… should of known better.
    Their team were quite negative and clearly not interested in anything apart from a positive review!!!! Rubbish item

  5. Sam

    Outside of boat looks well made and seems very good. But this is not worth the money. I have had a family member with 40 years experience in air craft engineering check the inside parts after a fault and it’s all cheap crap sorry. Anyone that says different is lying!

  6. Barry McGuigan

    Battery ran out at 50% and I had to go swimming at 8.30pm to get it back. Ruined the swim for the night as you would expect and I could only get two rods out because of the hassle it caused. Bait also got stuck to the middle hopper so wouldn’t dispense. Frustrating and a waste of time to say the least.

  7. Mark Whitham

    Review: Week in France 🇫🇷 Overall couldn’t really fault it.
    Watch wires in the lid as I caught and cut them. Taped up the wires and connectors no issues. Dry (ish) mixes in the hoppers or the mix will stick as it’s a funnel. Pellets or boiles only in rear as anything wet would not slide out ! Rig in centre with not one issue or tangle serving 6 rods all week.

    Put the lead & rig in and close door. Then add a layer of bait. Then fold over the hooklink. Then add a layer of bait, did not find the need for rig foam. Bury hook so it cannot snag handle.

    Battery life (5ah battery) about 2.5 days to 50% when it seems change is advised. Battery charges quick. Battery lasted longer than the RT4 in next swim. Handset battery went on forever! Lights on boat flash when battery low. I have 2 batteries ideal for long session.

    One thing if you press and HOLD the hopper release buttons it does not work they don’t open , you need to just short press and release the button, you must watch for flashing leds, 4 flashes for rear two flashes for centre hopper. Could not suss the yaw as the boat steered to right but cruise control,is brilliant and you can adjust course with cruise on.

    Did not cast a rod all week, the boat took 2 x 40s 8 x 30s and 10 x 20s and some doubles and small cats at between 80 and 120 yards.
    Overall for the money it gets a complete thumbs up from me.
    If it lasts and doesn’t break down best £200 I have spent for a while !!

  8. Ryan Perham

    Used a few times and I’m very happy with it so far.

  9. Jon Seymour

    Over all brilliant boat especially the price

  10. Paul smiley

    Cant recommend highly enough. Absolute brilliant boat. Even the higher end prices stuff in my opinion dosnt compete.well done future!

  11. Jacob Halliday

    Great price , Great boat

    Future carping provide a great customer service too .


  12. Michael freund

    Used for a week in France used the heavy duty battery didn’t miss a beat finally changed it to standard one on Thursday , only go fishing twice a year to Europe so spending 600 quid + on a more familiar boat isn’t an option more than happy with it.

  13. jake

    These boats are £180, yes £180 and for the money they are amazing value and tbh very reliable. Used mine in UK and France and never let me down so no need to spend thousands as this does the job

  14. Peter Rogers

    Excellent boat, fast, one handed operation and amazing battery life

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Actor Bait Boat

About the Actor Bait Boat

Buying a Bait Boat does not have to be expensive and owning a Bait Boat does not have to be complicated. That why Future Carping are very excited to offer the Actor Bait Boat.

Its smaller than your average Bait Boat and very affordable at only £179. This bait boat is a no nonsense easy to use single handed remote bait boat perfect for the angler who is always on the move and needs to get their bait and hook to a point that you just can not reach by casting.

This Bait Boat is light weighing in at only 2kg when empty with a bait capacity of 1.5kg across to hoppers. It comes with a 7.4v – 5ah battery giving you up to 2.5 hours play time as well as giving you power indication on the front of the boat.

The Bait Boat features a catamaran style hull for more stability when moving through the water at an impressive 50 meters per minute (60 meters per minute if you put the boat in boost mode) . The boat also feature a powerful night light on the front as see in the pictures.

If you are looking for something that’s cost effective, light, simple to use and perfect for when on the move this bait boat is perfect for you.

When purchasing this bait boat it comes in a box with batteries a cleaning towel.

Actor Bait Boat Specifications

Make: Actor Bait Boat
Colours: Black
Dimensions: 50cm/27cm/19cm
Net Weight: 2KG
Hopper Capacity: 1.5Kg
Power: 7.4v / 5ah  (Removable Lithium Batteries)
Run Time: 2.5hr
Max Speed: 50 metres/minute
Range: 300 – 400 meters
Charging Time: 5 hrs (5AH Battery)
GPS & Fishfinder: No
Auto Home: No