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FIRST LOOK: RidgeMonkey Vault Lite IR180

RidgeMonkey Vault Lite IR180 About the RidgeMonkey Vault Lite IR180 The Vault Lite IR180: RidgeMonkey’s most powerful & versatile portable light source so far, combining

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Alan Blair – The 24

Carp fishing with Alan Blair for 24 hours! In the first instalment of the 24 series Alan Blair visits the stunning Picks Cottage Fishery, whereas

Carp Fishing Videos


Yes people, welcome to Chasing Monsters, a park lake fishing series brought to you by me, Ricardo from BACKONTHEBANK. I hope you enjoy this series,

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Highest Reviewed Carp Tackle

Actor Bait Boat

About the Actor Bait Boat

Buying a Bait Boat does not have to be expensive and owning a Bait Boat does not have to be complicated. That why Future Carping are very excited to offer the Actor Bait Boat.

Its smaller than your average Bait Boat and very affordable at only £179. This bait boat is a no nonsense easy to use single handed remote bait boat perfect for the angler who is always on the move and needs to get their bait and hook to a point that you just can not reach by casting.

This Bait Boat is light weighing in at only 2kg when empty with a bait capacity of 1.5kg across to hoppers. It comes with a 7.4v – 5ah battery giving you up to 2.5 hours play time as well as giving you power indication on the front of the boat.

The Bait Boat features a catamaran style hull for more stability when moving through the water at an impressive 50 meters per minute (60 meters per minute if you put the boat in boost mode) . The boat also feature a powerful night light on the front as see in the pictures.

If you are looking for something that’s cost effective, light, simple to use and perfect for when on the move this bait boat is perfect for you.

When purchasing this bait boat it comes in a box with batteries a cleaning towel.

Actor Bait Boat Specifications

Make: Actor Bait Boat
Colours: Black
Dimensions: 50cm/27cm/19cm
Net Weight: 2KG
Hopper Capacity: 1.5Kg
Power: 7.4v / 5ah  (Removable Lithium Batteries)
Run Time: 2.5hr
Max Speed: 50 metres/minute
Range: 300 – 400 meters
Charging Time: 5 hrs (5AH Battery)
GPS & Fishfinder: No
Auto Home: No

NASH Scope Rod Reviews

Featuring a unique retractable butt section, 9ft and 10ft Scope rods pack down to a miniature 44 inches and 50 inches – fitting in the boot of a car. Yet Kevin’s discovery is that reducing rod length produces tools that are unexpectedly superior in almost every way.

Easier to use in confined swims, offering absolute casting accuracy and providing improved contact with battling carp Scope rods have no limits. Casting distances over 170 yards have been recorded with 9ft Scopes.

Expanded by popular demand into both heavier and lighter test curves the Scope concept has influenced every avenue of specialist fishing – from spodding to marker work, to lure fishing, drop shotting, even boat fishing.

With the stunning new Scope Corks available in test curves to suit floater work, barbel, chub, commercial bagging work and all manner or other applications Scope can truly be whatever what you want it to be.

Bringing improved sensitivity, accuracy and heightened performance Scope is the only true innovation in rods for decades. Join the short rod revolution.


  • Unique retractable butt for the most compact big fish performance ever achieved
  • Super light high modulus carbon blanks with 1K weave
  • Genuine Fuji DPS reel seat
  • Fuji Minima low profile one piece guides for improved casting and enhanced sensitivity
  • Japanese full shrink and Cork handle options
  • Carbon line clips on 2.75lb models and above
  • Keeper rings on 1.75 and 2.25lb models
  • Black stainless laser etched butt cap with beta light slot (fits Scope Rectangular Isotope)


Korda Liquid Bait Goo by Kiana is designed to enhance the attraction of your hook baits. With incredible results, it uses a combination of smoke strengths and gives carp a strong feeding response with the perfect combination of flavours. With 31 flavours over 7 phases. Korda Goo has plenty of choices which we have listed down below!

Korda’s Liquid Bait Goo comes in a choice of smoke strengths that attract carp that you wouldn’t believe. But it’s not just the smoke strengths that make this liquid bait so attractive to carp – the liquid also houses a strong feeding response and flavour combination in carp wherever they are in the water column due to the ingeniously tweaked gooey substance.

“Remember, one bottle of Goo goes a very long way, and the low price tag for a bottle isn’t a per session cost, as it will last for multiple trips. There is only one Kiana Carp Goo, and it continues to stand the test of time,

Korda Vape Goo 31 different liquid baits available to buy on sale


  • Perfect soak for bottom baits and pops up
  • PVA friendly
  • Shake well before use
  • Cannot be overused
  • Avoid mixing with fish oils
  • 115ml bottle supplied
  • Unique bait additive and hook bait soak
  • As seen on Underwater Seven and Eight
  • 31 variants available


It is incredibly easy to apply the goo to your bait, just add the liquid from the bottle onto your chosen bait and it will make all the difference in the world, vastly enhancing the attraction of the hookbait.


Korda’s Liquid Bait Goo comes in a choice of smoke strengths that attract carp like you have wouldn’t believe. But it’s not just the smoke strengths that make this liquid bait so attractive to carp – the liquid also houses a strong feeding response and flavour combination in carp wherever they are in the water column due to the ingeniously tweaked gooey substance.


The goo has helped lead an unlikely dominance of the South African national team in the FIPSed World Championships after being developed there by Loutjie Louwies. They even dominated England in our own back yard before the Goo made it to market in the UK. There’s definitely a reason that it’s regarded as one of the best artificial baits around and sells all over the world.

TIP: If you use it on PVA, then use it in really small amounts, say, just one of the knots of the stick, that is how the South Africans have been using it so effectively

Just check out the difference before and after the goo was applied to the hookbait in this video:

The fish are continuously feeding around hookbaits with, what Anglers believe is, very attractive bait. Yet once the hookbait is Goo’d-up, they continually come into the swim and pick out the hookbait before even noticing any other food item. In their experiment with the Goo, they were unable to hook a single fish in 4 hours using baits with no Goo. However, upon applying the Goo, they managed to pick up multiple fish in under 30 minutes!

“In 22 years of angling, I’ve never seen such a dramatic reaction to a hookbait. It was just mind-blowing and so obvious that I just won’t cast out without this stuff on my hookbait in various guises again”

– @AliHamidi, The Big Fish Off, Carp Fishing Masterclass and Thinking Tackle


Koda currently has 31 distinct flavours that can be used to hook your carp with unique enhancements. Let’s take a look at them.



After the success of the extraordinary Butterscope corn and Wonderberry comes the birth of the White Almond in two different forms. No matter what your situation is, these Goo’s have you covered.


Having always hailed the brilliance of citrus flavours being absolutely beautiful but combine them with Berry Goo’s and you create bait magic. This is a surefire winner when used in isolation or joined with one of the Berry Goo’s.


Top tip: for the Scopex Family Phase 6 Goo – When you’ve soaked your hookbaits in the Supreme version for a while – maybe two weeks. Get the Smoke type. roll your pot of baits in it, then place in sunlight in the airing cupboard or baits in it, then place in sunlight, in the airing cupboard or some form of dry heat. This will adhere the Goo to the outside, giving you an even longer leak- off time. You can repeat this process multiple times. This is a major edge for big carp chasing. when baits could be out there for 24-36 hours.


The Super Scopex Supreme is a wonderfully vibrant Goo, carrying a slight orange appearance in the bottle. The Supreme Goo’s are perfect for drizzling onto hookbaits and letting them soak right through to the core of the bait. Additionally, they can be great coated onto stick mixes and then slowly mixed in to give a slow instantly luring scent from the ground bait.


This Goo was made famous decades ago by the legendary Rod Hutchinson, and now Kiana has created two new Goos with a twist on the great attractor, that has enhanced it even more.


This once again carries the deadly Scopex flavour that has been developed by Kiana carp, but within a different viscosity and make up of Goo. This Smoke-style carries the signature green haze that made the Goo work famous and will be perfect for adding to the tool of Method feeders, adding to zig foam, hookbaits etc, just before casting out, as it will withstand the rigours of a cast. and sinking through the water. Once submerged, it will leak off over a prolonged period, sometimes upwards of one hour. Making it brilliant for the short session angler.

It’s PVA FRIENDLY. So small amounts can be added to the outside of a PVA bag prior to casting, for unparalleled attraction.


The Buttercorn is one of the finest blends created to date by Kiana, and during testing has been nothing short of extraordinary, with carp, big and small, from across the globe. One taste will indicate that this isn’t your usual liquid attractor, as it is delightfully sweet and a potent fish attractor. It has been a wonderful hookbait soak, plus a great addition to stick, Method and bag mixes, and even as a light glaze over loose-feed. The colour is another plus for those who favour white hookbaits, or the washed-out look, as it leaves a mild haze around your bait. It is best applied a little at a time when dosing hookbaits, and then leave it to soak in. A great combo is 50:50 with the Tiger Nut Goo.


“This is the first series of Goo without the signature fluorescent green in the range. Don’t be alarmed though, because this family of Goos will prove that their success is not all about colour, in fact, it’s mainly down to the secret soluble attractors they contain. These Goos work hard for you, drawing carp in and they’ll pull fish to your hook bait quicker than anything else that exists.” @AliHamidi, The Big Fish Off, Carp Fishing Masterclass and Thinking Tackle


I’ve known for decades that berry flavours, mixed with citrus notes can be deadly. So, I was pleased to help Kiana with a scent and a direction for this one! This is based around a blend of berries that give a very rounded, intensely sweet liquid. The colour will colour your bait from dark pink, right through to the orange end of the spectrum, depending on the colour of the original bait.

It gives off a very subtle haze when in the water, which makes it perfect for use with stick mixes, bag mixes or of course, hook baits. Here’s a little edge for you: try it with Mangonana if you want a great combination of attractors!

Cheap Korda Vape Goo for Artificial Hookbaits on Sale


This is the first white Goo. Just getting the white is a huge achievement – I can’t tell you how difficult this has been, because the white dye doesn’t lend to being mixed. The significance of this development is that you get to keep your hook baits white, a vogue colour that is a proven carp catcher! Smell-wise, this is perhaps one of our riskier ones! It’s based on a blend that has been hugely successful in South Africa, the home of the Goo and has a unique medicinal warmth to it that the fish won’t have come across before!

Wonderberry is attractive in all conditions and has been superb in-field testing.


This tuna Goo has a subtle sweet undertone yet is undeniably fishy too! Just like the Squid and King Crab Supremes, it has incredible ability to penetrate hook baits, right to the core. This allows it to pump out its meaty, sweet notes for hours underwater. This will give your hook baits a light pink colour, should you use it with white baits.


The thicker of the two Tuna Goo’s. Once again, it has a meaty, fishy tuna note, but with a defined sweet undertone and taste. As with all the smokes, the Wicked Tuna lends to being daubed onto the outside of hook baits, sticks and bags before the cast, or dried and layered onto hook baits over time. It gives a slightly deeper reddish pink hue to the hook baits than its Supreme sibling.


The two King Crab variants of Korda Liquid Artificial Bait are set to be awesome fish catchers

Every now and again something lands at your feet that really makes you sit up and take notice. To many people, the GOO from Kiana Carp will appear to be just another dip or liquid bait developed in this country, following the same passage that bait companies have been doing for decades in the UK and Europe. For those lucky enough to know a little more, they’ll realise that the European carp fishing scene is about to be blessed with a liquid bait that has been literally hauling and dominating the fishing scene in South Africa for 16 years. Yes, you read correctly, South Africa. Surely, they can’t come up with an innovation that’s superior to those championed by the inventors of carp fishing, the English? Well, it seems they have.


This Goo is hot and spicy. It is a very complex mixture of a variety of chilli’s and it really has a kick to it. It is very thin like all the other Supremes in the series therefore its primary purpose is to either soak your hook baits in it or add it to your spod mix. Carp on some lakes seem to take a special liking to spicy flavours, so this Goo was created for that.


This Goo seems to be the most widely anticipated one of the series. We all know Tiger nuts are simply amazing at catching carp. Natural progression dictated that we decided to make a Tiger nut Goo. This Goo contains all the natural elements of tiger nuts. It has a middle-of-the-road consistency, just like Corn Twist and Mystic Spice, making a general-purpose and general-use Goo.


An exotic, fruity mix that’s sweet and smells great. It has a thin consistency therefore good for soaking things in and giving you a nice tropical edge.


In the same vein, as earlier Power Smokes in the previous series, this thick, gooey liquid smells so divine, you’ll consider it a shame to cast it out. Best used by applying to your hookbaits or PVA just before you cast out.


This two-coat application system is just like Pineapple/Almond/Spicy Squid/Garlic Bait Smoke & Power Smokes from previous series. We have created a very nice and strong-smelling essence, which carp will be able to home in on. Soak your hookbaits in the Supreme, coat them in the thick Smoke, and you will have transformed your bait into a Crabby powerhouse.



This is a special thin Goo with a unique flavour enhancement which again is a proven Carp catcher. Excellent for pre-soaking your hook baits, either tigers, popups or bottom baits. The cloud produced is subtle but distinctive and also great for use in cold water applications.


A pink coloured Squid based special blend of liquids with the consistency of our Pineapple supreme. The best use, however, not exclusively, for this GOO is for soaking your hook baits in which will penetrate quite deeply into any flavour pop-ups or bottom baits or Particles and totally change your hook bait. A small squirt to coat some hook baits in a small tub and it will be absorbed. The more applications and time the deeper the penetration into the bait. Any hook bait can be used which will take on the Squid pink colour and flavour and “clone” it into a something really special. Very strong and distinctive which has been one of our very best Carp catchers in Europe over the last few years.


This is very sweet and strong like our Almond pink power smoke. It also compliments the Squid supreme bait smoke. It has a much thicker consistency which can be used on PVA bags and also dried onto your hook baits as a two-part process with the Squid Supreme bait smoke first. Both of these Squids give a pink cloud which although subtle seems to drive the carp wild. This has been used extensively over the last few years and the outstanding results speak for themselves.


A strong and sweet Caramel. This is an outstanding fish catcher and has been released by popular demand to compliment and be used in conjunction with our Caramel Cloud Power Smoke. This Goo can be used as a bait soak for Tigers, Pop-ups or with any PVA presentations. All the Supremes are great in cold water conditions as the thinner viscosity reacts much quicker in the cooler temperatures.


A very sweet and rich natural Garlic Goo which can be used for many bait applications and PVA presentations. The cloud although not strong is a milkier yellow colour which is different to the other Goo products in the range and has been a favourite with us for many years. Sure to be an outstanding Carp Catcher and has proved itself to be one of our very best in most situations. Garlic has always been around fish culture and is a proven appetite stimulator amongst Koi keepers and very popular with carp anglers alike.


We have long been asked to release a Coconut Goo and this is our very special blend. A medium/thin thickness Goo, very versatile and suitable for most application including penetrating PVA sticks or used as a Boiley soak, excellent for improving any hook bait and especially so for enhancing Coconut or nut-based baits which are very popular in modern day carp fishing.



Nothing penetrates better than the Almond Supreme. It will cut into skinned tigers and is good on PVA sticks, but we’ve not found a better way than to use it on hook baits. When used in tandem with the thicker Almond Power Smoke, the two combine to create an attractor package that’s unrivalled!


The thicker of the two Almond Goo’s is perfect for coating hook baits. For best results, repeatedly coat and dry the hook baits to produce hook baits that pump out attraction for hours. Not only is the combination packed with potent attractors, but it also produces baits that are a vivid pink colour.


This was one that Danny wanted to bring out. He’d been testing it on a farm lake in Cambridgeshire in the colder months and he found that the Mystic Spice would out-catch the Almond, proving once again that venue-to-venue, things can differ greatly. If you use it on PVA, then use it in really small amounts, say just on the knot of the stick; that’s how the South Africans have been using it. Ultimately, use it as a hook bait soak. It’s very thick and syrupy, so it will only cut into the hook bait by a few millimetres and leaving it in the sun will help with this process. If you’re looking for something a bit different, then this bun spice-type Goo might be just the thing.


This is a really unique smelling one; it’s got a fruity taste, with a garlic twist and gives off a rusty colour once it’s in the water. It’s a great one to add to your zig foam just before casting out. Those of you who like a red hook bait will appreciate this one.


This is a firm favourite of Tom Dove’s. It’s a great fish catcher on lakes with a large stock of fish but also really good for pressured, big carp. It dries really well onto the surface of hook baits, hence why we brought the Caramel Supreme out; we wanted the two to complement each other. It’s good on solid bags and it’s really sweet, so carp absolutely love this one. My main recommendation would be to get it dried onto your hook baits.


Halibut is just an awesome fish-catching attractor and the Halibut Haze Goo is no different. It’s a fishy flavour with a slightly fruity twist. Some of the flavours included give it that slight angle, that slight difference. It’s very thick, so it sticks brilliantly to the outside of baits. By the summer months, you really will kick arse on it and it’s one that both carp and barbel anglers will love. It’s great dried onto hook baits and on bags, and don’t be afraid to combine


This was the phase that launched the Goo onto an eager carp world. It contains some Goo’s that have become absolute classic bait enhancers already! Here’s a rundown!

Buy Korda Vape Goo Phase 1 Flavor
Buy these Korda Vape Goo Phase 1Bait Liquid Flavours that started it all. Get the cheapest prices on these gooey artificial baits, considered the best in the world.


This is one of the most popular and effective Goo’s. It’s perfect as a hook bait glaze – especially when dried on and reapplied. Keep rolling, coating, rolling, coating and drying. Each layer will give you increased leakage time. Use the Supreme version to cut into the core of the bait and the Power Smoke to coat the outside of the bait, to give you that bonbon effect.


The Pineapple Power Smoke is brilliant when applied directly to PVA sticks. If you’re fishing a runs water and you want to get some attraction into the water quickly then coating sticks works well. You can use it on zigs. The South Africans actually dry this stuff onto their zig foam.


Much of the things that apply to the Pineapple Power Smoke also apply to the Tutti one will do too. The major differences would be things like pH. The Pineapple Power is acidic and has a real impact on various waters. It’s PVA friendly most of the year, but always remember to shake the bottle well to distribute the ingredients evenly. It’s best during the warmer months, when the weather gets up to 15 or 16 degrees, so spring and summer really.


This is an extremely natural, extremely sweet, yet subtle Goo. It’s classified as a Bait Smoke but doesn’t have the intensity of colour of some of the others. It’s not just restricted to use with hook baits, you can add it to ground baits, watered down, roll mixers in it or even glaze freebies with it. It lends itself brilliantly to zig spod mixes, it can be used in combinations on hook baits but I really do like to use it on my loose feed. Don’t put a whole bottle in, add a little bit and make a nice soupy syrup with some water in a bucket and add that to your particle mixture, or glaze your boilies with it, really enhancing what you’re doing, compared to the guy next door.


This one first burst onto the scene when Pete Holehouse used it to win the UK Carp Champs. He used it solely in his spod mix when spodding over zigs and he found that he actually spodded less and kept the fish there for longer than he ever had when spodding over zigs. He was fishing face-to-face with another angler and was putting out half the amount of spods and catching more fish. You can add it to water to get it into the spod mix or add it straight onto your particles.


This thick Goo has become famed for its use with floaters. All you need to do is dilute a small amount of Plume in a bucket and coat your floating pellets or mixers. When they soak it up, you’ll be left with a super-attractive bait. Add it to your hemp or your chopped boilies and you’re adding another dimension of taste. If you’re struggling to get fish feeding, then try the Raspberry Plume.




The ATTs, is the entry-level bite alarm in the range. The ‘s’ is for silent, as it does not have a speaker. All audible indication comes from your receiver speaker; your receiver beeps or vibrates where you are, not at the waters edge. With built in transmitters, they provide a full wireless remote buzzer-receiver system. The alarms can be purchased individually and can be used with existing ATTx V2 receivers. Alternatively, they can be bought as set along with the ATTx V2 receivers or receivers can also be purchased separately.


  • Rubberised Finish
  • Built in transmitter
  • No Buttons or Knobs
  • Put your rod on it and it’s ready to use, it’s always ON.
  • No knobs or buttons for increased reliability.
  • 100% Watertight
  • Available in 7 different LED Colours
  • Unique ‘False Beep’ System
  • Ultra-compact and lightweight – With dimensions of 34mm x 21mm x 63mm it is easily the smallest alarm available on the market.
  • Low Battery Warning System
  • Full 2-year ATT Warranty
  • Multi-coloured user-changeable 2 or 4 magnet roller wheels
  • Supplied with Free Battery as Standard

video REVIEWS: ATTs Alarms


Being well organised on the bank will definitely help you to catch more fish, as not only will know that you have everything with you, but you’ll be able to find it quickly when you need to, and that is where the new KORDA Tackle Box comes into its own!

Korda Tackle Box magnet Korda Tackle Box bits section Korda Tackle Box sliders

In carp fishing, when an opportunity presents itself often you will need to take advantage of it quickly – such as finding fish feeding in the margins; or cruising around and looking up for a floater or zig for instance – and the chance will be often be gone if you have to empty your rucksack, or even car, looking for the items of tackle that you need for the situation.

The NEW Tackle Box is designed to be a complete storage system that allows you to keep the maximum amount of terminal tackle, but with the minimum footprint possible – it will fit neatly into the new Compac 220 EVA luggage, or straight into your rucksack or carryall.

It isn’t intended to replace the existing Tackle Safe, but is meant as an alternative option for those looking to take more end tackle with them – such as longer sessions in the UK, trips abroad, any situation where you might end up fishing a few different methods during the same outing, or for anyone who simply just prefers keeping everything in an actual tackle box!

Korda Tackle Box review

Although the Tackle Box is larger than any of our other tackle storage products, it still maintains the ‘less clutter, more carp’ ethos, despite the fact that a lot can be fitted into it in a way that wastes absolutely no space at all – it really is the TARDIS of the tackle box world!

It has 29 compartments of assorted sizes to store smaller items of end tackle, plus a magnetic rig board that will take ten pre-tied rigs, and the layout is adjustable via moveable dividers. Our recently updated square hook link spools fit in perfectly, as do the Kamakura hook boxes, and it will also take the new Leader-Safe and Mini Compartment Boxes.

There are four Mini Compartment Boxes in the range, which will be sold separately and feature six, eight, nine and sixteen compartment options. These are great for storing smaller items and fit perfectly into the Tackle Box, with a curved base ensuring that you can easily take them out when you need to. A translucent lid helps you to identify the contents, and a magnetic closure prevents any spillages.

The new Leader Safe comes in two sizes, and is also designed to fit in the Tackle Box, and it is the perfect storage system for your leaders, and will accommodate lead clips and Heli-Safe Systems, with the large version also having recesses for the beads and sleeves found on helicopter leaders. It can also be used on its own and features a removable sleeve that can be easily fitted to protect your leaders.

Head of product development, Tom Dove, commented: “We have looked at these for a long period of time and wanted to create a product that we felt was better than what is already out there.”

The Tackle Boxes retails at £39.99, and is available from all Korda stockists. Mini Compartment Boxes come in at £6.99 for the smaller two sizes, £7.99 for nine compartments, and £8.99 for the 16 compartment version. The Leader Safe costs £5.99 for the small one, and £7.99 for the large.

Daiwa 20 Emblem 45 SCW Reviews

This ‘Gold Spool’ Release also offers the retro One Touch handle utilises a reduced oscillation speed called Slow Cross Wrap, enhancing the line lay. The result is lower consumption of casting energy during line release, when combined with the friction reducing double lip profile of the LC spool increases casting distance by more than 5%.

Supplied with a shallow C and spare deep LD spool; (300m – 0.35mm and 530m – 0.35mm). The C spool allows filling of three spools from 1000m.

Retrieval is geared down at 4.9:1 but still cranks up to 104cm per handle turn.


  • 45mm LC long cast spool.
  • Slow Cross Wrap.
  • QD Quick drag.
  • 6 ball bearings.
  • HIP-High Impact Line Clip.
  • Air Rotor.
  • Digigear II.
  • One Touch folding handle with wooden knob.
  • Supplied with C shallow spool and spare LD deep spool.
  • Gear ratio 4:9:1.
  • Weight of reel 615g.
  • Crank – 104cm per turn.
  • Line capacity 300m of 0.35mm.


Wychwood have teamed up with one of Europe’s top fishing line manufacturers to create a truly special and unique contribution to the line market.

Deep Purple Filament (DPF) is a low-diameter monofilament that offers optimum castability and a super-suppleness that hugs the contours of the lakebed whilst excess line is pinned from vision and touch thanks to a fluorocarbon coating, perfect camouflage for all season colouring.

This extra coating not only aids concealment but also provides a smooth, friction-free finish that sails through rod rings with ease, adding precious extra yards on the cast in addition to an extra layer of resistance from the abrasive nature of lakebeds.

DPF’s purple appearance is difficult to miss in the flesh, but it’s the clever thinking behind it that gives this line the ability to adapt to the natural light present in the water column, making it less prominent and so great news for anglers who fish gin-clear waters.

Naturally, water appears to have hazy blue colouration due to Ultra-Violet light being prominently present throughout the water column. DPF line features a UV pigment that has the ability to adapt to the natural light source present under-water and becomes far less prominent, blending perfectly into its surroundings.

Not only supple, DPF also displays exceptional knot strength and abrasion resistance.
Supplied in 1000m spools in the following breaking strains:
10lb, 12lb, 15lb, 18lb


The new Txi-D Digital Bite Alarms and Rx-D Receiver include a number of exciting new features, alongside Delkim’s unique tried and tested vibration sensing technology, to once again raise the bar in bite indication technology.

The Txi-D digital bite alarm features a brand new smaller, more compact design; new patented Digital Signal Processing; Beep Speed Control; a fully digital radio system. It also features a brand new patented IMU Security Movement Sensor – for enhanced security. There are more adjustable LED settings including the new ‘Stealth Mode’, as well as 64 Digital tone settings and much more.

The Rx-D digital receiver utilises a fully digital radio with patented Pulse and Visual Replication; advanced patented security; Easy Pairing; Multiple Range Settings; a new RunLite mode and DND (Do Not Disturb) setting; adjustable Vibro alert modes; Last Activity Recall plus more.

Both the Txi-D and Rx-D have brand new casings and each comes with a new moulded protective hard case. All our Visual Indication Systems will still work with the Txi-D so there is no need to change them.

Txi-D Features;

• Tried and Tested Vibration Sensing

• Digital Signal Processing (Patented)

• Beep Speed Control (Patented)

• Digital Radio with Range Test

• Enhanced Weather Protection

• IMU Security Movement Sensor (Patented)

• Compact Design 30% Smaller

• Enhanced LED Settings

• Stealth LED Mode

• Twin Clear LEDs – Available in Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, White & Purple

• NiteLite Output Socket

• Mute Function

• 64 Digital Tone Settings

• Memorised User Preferences

• Enhanced Power Saving

• Moulded Hard Case

• Optional 3 Year Guarantee

Rx-D Features

• Digital Radio

• Pulse & Visual Replication (Patented)

• Multiple Range Settings

• Easy Pairing

• RunLite Mode

• DND (Do Not Disturb)

• Advanced Security (Patented)

• Adjustable Vibro Mode

• Recall Last Activity

• Power on Indicator

• Enhanced Power Saving

• Lanyard and Attachments

• Moulded Hard Case

• Optional 3 Year Guarantee

Optional 3 Year Warranty

Delkim has always had a fantastic reputation in the industry for its after sales care. In addition, to the standard 2 year warranty, they will now also be offering an optional 3rd year warranty on both the Txi-D and the Rx-D. Yet another reason to buy with confidence. To activate the additional warranty you will need to register their products online on Delkim’s website.


The Leader bait boat apart of the boatman leader series and “OMG” what a fantastic bit of kit. Still adopting the sleek design of the Boatman look, this boat is an amazing boat to own.

The Leader comes with a dual handed transmitter extra bait loading hoppers on both side of the boat (Optional these can be taken off), the main hopper can hold up to 3kg and is motorised meaning that the hopper doors will automatically close after unloading bait.

Then we move on to the battery power that drives the boat. x 2 (7.4V/20ah) batteries giving you 6 hours playing time.

The Boat has Integrated GPS and Auto Home function allowing you to store 8 GPS points, 9 if you include your home way point. Unlike the Leader Pro boat it does not come with Sonar which makes it perfect for attaching your own sinar like the Deeper or Deeper Pro.

There are 3 colours to choose from and all boats will come with a complimentary hard durable carry case.

If you want to see videos of our boats in action head over to:



  1. Product Size – 686 x 476 x 315mm
  2. Hopper Capacity – Combined 4KG
  3. Boat Working times – 6 Hours
  4. Radio Control Distance 300 meters
  5. Anti Storm – 5 star Rating
  6. GPS – 8 Points
  7. Auto Home Function
  8. Fail Safe Return to Home Feature.

Phantom Bait Boat by Carp Madness

The goal was to develop a bait boat with engineers, which is equipped with the latest innovative technology and at the same time extremely compact and meets the highest requirements of a modern feeding boat.

A compact and fully efficient feeding boat, which sets new standards on the international markets.

Phantom Bait Boat Specs:

  • Trimaran baitboat 49 x 37 cm (!) with a carrying capacity of 3 litres
  • safe guidance of the fishing line on the underside of the fuselage
  • integrated ball bearing mounted sweeper Jet engine
  • highly efficient and economical 655 industrial Dirty Devil engine
  • High performance LiFePo4 battery with 10 A
  • high running time of the feeding boat with 2-3 h
  • suitable charger for 220 V and 12 V
  • digital voltage display on baitboat
  • two separately controllable feed chambers
  • reliable 2,4 Ghz 6 channel radio system with full range
  • Carbon 3-D
  • Microchip controlled lighting system, infinitely dimmable via remote control
  • release clutch
  • extremely low weight of the boat with 4 kg
  • Transport bag with carrying strap sensational price-performance ratio
  • The feeding boats are 100 % individually developed and manufactured in Germany

General advantages of the feeding boat:

  • You will be surprised by the extremely compact design and the powerful concept of this feedboat.
  • Weight incl. 10A battery: only 4 kg (!) with up to 3 hours running time.

Scope of supply of this complete feed boat set:

  • Feedboat Phantom 3 D Carbon
  • Jet drive of the brand Kehrer
  • 2 feed flaps and one release clutch
  • 6 channel digital computer radio system 2,4 Ghz with one hand control
  • padded carry bag
  • complete surrounding lighting system dimmable at the radio system
  • digital voltage display on the baitboat
  • comfortable carry handle
  • most modern LiFePo4 batteries with 10 A incl. protective bag
  • Professional charger with balancer for 220 V and 12 V
  • Instructions on CD

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