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Lee 'Mozza' Morris
Alan Blair Carp Angler
Alan Blair
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Mark Pitchers
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Carl & Alex
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Ian Chillcott
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All the latest carp fishing news, product releases, captures and articles.

Korum Leverage Butt Screw

FIRST LOOK: Korum Leverage Butt Screw

Korum Leverage Golf Tee Butt Screw What is it? This innovative design removes the need for separate rear banksticks on rivers. It incorporates the Korum


Winter Fishing – The Ugly Truth

Paul Codman looks at the reality of cold-water carping. Freezing temperatures, mud, short days and long nights, and of course only the remotest chance of

Where To Go Carp Fishing

Find the best places to go carp fishing around the world.

Carp Fishing Tackle Reviews

Carp fishing tackle and bait reviews from genuine carp anglers.

Master Baiters Reviews
RRP: £6.99
REVIEWS: Master Baiters Glugs

REVIEWS: Master Baiters Glugs

REVIEWS: Korda Goo
RRP: £13.49
REVIEWS: Korda Goo

REVIEWS: Korda Goo

Korda Tackle Box review
RRP: £39.99
REVIEWS: Korda Tackle Box

REVIEWS: Korda Tackle Box

Wychwood DPF Line Reviews
RRP: £13.99

REVIEWS: Wychwood DPF Line


Carp Fishing Deals

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Welcome to Carp Talk, the community driven carp fishing website that brings you the latest carp fishing news, recent captures, videos & independent carp fishing tackle reviews submitted by genuine anglers. We have also partnered up with Carp Fishing Deals to bring you the best deals & discounts on carp fishing tackle, bait, rods, reels and much more from various tackle shops in the UK.

Apart from all that carpy goodiness we provide how to’s, showcase the latest carp angling products and feature the best videos to watch. On top of all that we are compiling a lake venue list where you will be able to review venues you have fished yourself or find the best places to go carp fishing. Whats not to like about the new Carp Talk?

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