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Angling Direct have a new AD store coming to you this Saturday! The open day will start from 8am and send at 6pm with 10% off in store all day. Whether ...


Dave Fuidge believes the most important bit of kit we anglers use is our main line. Our main line is our direct contact with the fish we spend a lot of ...


Rigs over the years seem to follow fashion and the Chod rig seems to get little publicity these days. But the Chod Rig is so effective in terms of its ability ...


Fishing Sim World has just released 2 new venues - Talon Fishery & Lough Kerr Talon Fishery You will need all your skill as well as finesse to cast ...


YESSSSS..... Coming next week, the release of In Pursuit of Carpiness 2 from Mark Pitchers and Harry Charrington. This is a long awaited release and to say we ...


Learn how to tie the perfect cold water Zig Rig for Carp Fishing One of the UK’s most prolific carp anglers, Mark Bartlett reveals some of his best tips for ...


Steven Carrie discusses another of his tactics, which has helped him countless times to put big fish on the bank. Prebaiting is often considered a method of ...


MASTER BAITERS GLUGS UK We take a quick look at the new UK company Master Baiters and what they have to offer. Created in 2018 and finally launched in ...


The new Korum Transition Barrow Korums most portable and efficient barrow to date – perfect for the angler looking to transport their kit quickly and ...


Essex’s Greg Ellis tells you how he catches big carp from pressured carp lakes when restricted to weekend fishing. I’m just your average, ordinary carp ...


Is carp angling the most obsessive pastime? You only have to visit any day-ticket fishery in the country to understand the popularity of carp angling today. ...


Ever wondered what you don’t see in the final edit of Alan Blair’s Urban Banx and Euro Banx adventures? Cameraman Oli shares some stories from the duo’s epic ...

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Welcome to Carp Talk, the community driven carp fishing website that brings you the latest carp fishing news, recent captures, videos & independent carp fishing reviews submitted by genuine anglers. We have also partnered up with Carp Fishing Deals to bring you the best deals & discounts on carp fishing tackle, bait, rods, reels and much more from various tackle shops in the UK.

Apart from all that carpy goodiness we provide how to’s, showcase the latest carp angling products and feature the best videos to watch. On top of all that we are compiling a lake venue list where you will be able to review venues you have fished yourself or find the best places to go carp fishing. Whats not to like about the new Carp Talk?

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